What is Balayage.

BY  | MARCH 30TH, 2017

The balayage highlighting technique is a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, more and more people are requesting this beautiful, more natural-looking color service at the salon and the number of stylists offering balayage is rapidly growing due to high demand. The benefits of balayage for both the stylist and client are many. Here, Courtney von Berg, Keune Advanced Academy and International Keune educator, discusses the trend. See our service prices here.

How would you describe what balayage is?

“Balayage is a highlighting technique that has a softer, more natural effect than traditional foil highlights. It is a freehand technique in which the color is painted onto pieces, creating a soft effect at the top of the strands and more concentration and saturation through the ends. The results are a more gradual, natural-looking highlight,” explains Courtney.


What are the benefits of balayage for the guest?

“The way balayage highlights grow out are graceful and subtle in comparison to other methods. The regrowth line is very diffused a more blended natural look.

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