Picking the Perfect Winter Hair Color for the Holidays

The holiday season is full of warmth, cozy treats, and cold weather – why not choose a hair color to match? From warm brunettes to cool, “fire and ice” blondes, our expert hair colorists in Northern Virginia can help you find the perfect shade for any season.

Here are some color trends for the 2019 holiday season we think you’ll love:

Rich, coffee brunettes

Nothing says “the holidays are here” like a warm cup of mocha coffee. If you’re a brunette and want to update your look for the winter time, consider warm, coffee-colored highlights and a mocha base. By adding caramel tones, this look compliments many skin tones and looks great with darker, winter clothing colors.

Icy blonde

While many people find think of darker colors when they hear the phrase, “winter tones,” this doesn’t have to be the case! If you’re looking for a more daring winter shade, consider going ice-queen blonde. This striking color matches the winter landscape and goes best with cool or medium skin tones.

Medium-tone sombre highlights

There’s a place for medium-toned hair colors during the holiday months as well. For a soft, classic look consider adding soft ombre highlights to your hair to boost dimension and warmth. This look is pretty, playful, and transitions easily from grown-up styles for the office to more sophisticated styling for holiday parties.


Deep, vibrant reds

Red is the color of Christmas, but it’s also a daring and gorgeous option for your winter hair look. During the winter months, opt for a deeper, more vibrant red with burgundy undertones to create a sophisticated and bold aesthetic. Darker reds are ideal for medium and deeper skin tones; however, they can pair well with lighter skin tones when matched correctly. Just ask your stylist for guidance to find the perfect balance of warmth for your complexion.

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