Summer Hair color and Balayage Trends of 2021


Looking in the mirror every day and seeing the same old hair color is boring? No? 2021 is all about change. New Year, New Me! It’s time to change your hair color. And if you are having trouble in finding what is trending these days, here is all that you need to know.  Natural and classic hair colors like blonde, brown are in the direction in 2021. The Highlights are in trend. There are old highlights colors, and many good options for highlight are available for summer hair colors.

There is a lot of summer hair color and balayage options. The most trending hair color and balayage options are discussed below.

Hot shades of Red color:

Many hairstylists call 2021 “the year of red hair”. Red is considered the coolest color of the year 2021. The red color is also considered as the best of all other hair colors. You can modify the red color in any shade of red. Red color looks appealing in all shades, from light to dark to pale. Every shade of red will look perfect. So go for it!

Front Streaks:

Are you bored of the old one color streaks? Don’t worry, two or more color streaks are more in trend than old dull single color streaks. How cool is it that you can get beautiful hair without dying your whole hair? Just go for streaks and look trendy and cool. Solid colors streaks are also trending in 2021.

New Summer Look:

There are more options for cool and beautiful in summer than in winter shades. If you have blonde hair, you can add deeper shades of ribbons to look more attractive. Glossy hair is also in trend in summer this year. The shiny shades of peach, marigold and apricot are in more trend. Glossy hair will give you a rich and warmer look in summer.

The Brown Balayage:

Balayage is also in trend in the year 2021. One can get more than one color. Balayage is a perfect thing to do with your hair in summer. Bright colors are liked in summer, so the same as in the case of hair color. You can add relaxed, funky color hair to give yourself a perfect summer look. The trendy colors for balayage in the summer of the year 2021 are brown. All the shades of brown will go very well with your summer looks.

The shades of Black:

Hairstylists considered black hair color as a symbol of glamour. The black color is used to represent power. Black hair color gives you a shiny and robust look. One more interesting thing about black hair color is that it goes with all skin tones. Black hair color enhanced more by adding gloss and other shades to it.

Balayage in Blonde:

Fond of blonde hair? But also wants something new? No need to worry. There are a lot of things you can do with your blonde hair. You can go for balayage in blonde hair. Blonde balayage will look cool and give you a perfect look with blonde hair.

 Almond Edge shades:

This summer is a time to get trendy hair colors. Isn’t it amazing that you can get the natural look color of dry fruits? You can get shades of almond, walnut or cashew nut. These shades of hair color look perfect with summer looks.

Silver Champagne:

Isn’t it amazing that you can get cool blonde hair with warm looks this summer? Silver ash shades with blonde hair is a perfect combo to go for. The pearl and silver shades are also trending in 2021

The shades of copper:

Do the shades of nature inspire you? Can you imagine that you can get the shades of nature in your hair? Yes, it’s possible and also in trend in the summer of 2021. You can get bold shades of sunset in your hair to look perfect this summer.

Flower child blonde:

Baby blonde shades are also trending in the summer of the year 2021.  Go with your natural blonde shades, as dark colors need more maintenance.


Are you tired of traditional hair colors? Then it’s time to go for funky hair. How cool is that to get pink hair. Violet hair shades will give you a bold but soft summer look.  So go to get the funky hair color of your choice.

Brunette Hazelnut Shades:

Brunette is the best combo of brown and golden shades. You can update your old brown hair with cool golden shades to wear a perfect summer look.

The Shades of Grey:

The natural shades of hair color are more in trend. Women like to have naturally grey hair. Natural grey hair comes in trend during the period of lockdown. In this period, people started embracing natural grey hair of salt or pepper color. Grey hair will look even better by adding gloss to them.

The Reverse Balayage: A new trend

Mostly hair color is darker from the top and becomes light as the fall down. But reverse balayage is an entirely new trend of 2021. Color is maintained at the lower tips of the hair. You can give your hair a perfect look by adding natural highlights to your hair, even at the bottom of your hair.


Wait No More when there are many fantastic options available to get a perfect summer look? It’s time to get rid of dull old hair. Just go and get the hair color or balayage of your dream. Get new hair, a new look, and a new life.  Call or Book Online Today

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