The 4 Hottest Hair Colors in Northern VA this Summer

Summer is just around the corner and we all know what that means: it’s time to shake up your hair color with one of the seasons hottest trends. From balayage to sun-kissed highlights, this summer is full of opportunities to let your personal style – and your hair – shine.

1) Neutral Blonde (Nude Blonde)

Nude blonde (also called “neutral blonde”) is a great option for virtually any skin tone because it contains equal parts warm and cool colors. By going the balayage route, you’ll get softer regrowth lines and a natural “I just got back from the beach” look, like this example from @blonde_midweststylist.

2) Mushroom Brown Hair

We didn’t make up the name, but we do love the look of this ashy-brown balayage hair color. This look is achieved by layering highlights over an ashy brown, building a multifaceted twist on classic brunette colors. The best part? Mushroom brown is a fantastic color to choose if you’re looking to conceal greys, like this look from @dvcolour.


3) High-Up Bronde

Okay, this look actually combines two hair color trends: bronde (brown plus blonde) and “high-up”) ombre hair. Bronde hair blends classic brunette warmth with the neutral chicness of nude blonde – all in one look! “High up” refers to how high the ombre comes to your roots. The goal is to frame your face with the lighter color while allowing the darker hues to take the spotlight closer to your roots. Check out this pic from @bestofbalayage to see the look:

4) Blood-Orange Red

Some call it sunrise red; others call it the original mermaid hair, but we just call it stunning. This season, will be popular as ever. If you want to stand out, go for a brighter, more orange hue. The key is working with your stylist to find the right warmth and to avoid overly coppery tones – like this the color @madelame is sporting below.

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