Rock a Short Haircut.  Get Expert Advice

Short hair is having a major moment (we’re looking at you, JLaw, Miley, and Viola). Thinking about trying a cutting-edge chop yourself? We asked stylists for their expert advice.

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Do I need a certain face shape to pull off short hair?
It doesn’t matter whether your face is round, square, or oval—anyone can go short, says Neeko Abriol, a celebrity stylist at Salon Sessions, in Pasadena, California, who works with Halle Berry. The key is using a really good stylist who can tailor the cut to frame your face perfectly. If you don’t think that your current hairdresser is up to the job, find someone who specializes in short hair.How do I know if a short cut will look good with my hair texture?With the right cut, it definitely will. If your hair is straight and fine, a super-short style (like Robin Wright’s new pixie) is great because it adds volume and falls exactly into place. For wavy hair, Abriol recommends a versatile bob, which looks cool and stylish whether you wear it tousled or smooth. Got curls? “Either go really short or get a layered bob with lots of texturized layers,” he says.Isn’t short hair going to be more work?
Well, you won’t be able to pull your hair back into a ponytail anymore, but styling it takes much less time—and arm strength—than blowing out long hair. (Five to 10 minutes versus a half hour.)

I don’t really like my ears, is getting a pixie a bad idea?
A feminine pixie with length and softness around the face won’t call attention to your ears. But you probably want to rule out that very harsh, Miley Cyrus look. “Shaved sides and hard lines make ears more obvious,” says Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend, who works with Michelle Williams.

How often do I need to get it cut?
The general rule is: The shorter the cut, the more salon upkeep required. You’ll need a trim every four to six weeks to maintain a groomed look like a pixie or boyish crop, says Abriol. Bobs and layered shags usually can go a bit longer—plan on six to eight weeks—before they need to be reshaped.

How long will it take to grow back?
At least six months, maybe more. (But trust us, this won’t be an issue, because you are going to love your new short haircut!)

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