How to Use Hair Conditioner

Hair Conditioner is like an after thought for many, but believe us, it is more than just applying a cream on your damp hair, leaving it for a few minutes and rinsing it off. Here are a few things that one MUST know about hair conditioning –

– Know your hair type and accordingly go for the conditioner that would suit you the best. (ask your stylist)

– Never apply conditioner on the roots of your hair or scalp. (This could leave hair greasy appearing)

– Conditioner should be applied an inch away from the roots, evenly throughout the body of your hair right till the very end.

– Two-minute mantra doesn’t necessarily apply for all. Longer hair would need the conditioner to be left for long, i.e. – 5-8 minutes. (Sometimes best left 20 min. with curly hair)

– Keep rinsing till the water runs clear of any bubbles/conditioner residues. ( Some coarse hair may require a light rinse leaving some conditioner behind.)

– A serum application post shower can enhance the efficacy of your conditioning. ( Indulge Masque is an amazing luxirious leave in)

Leave-in conditioners – These are used after one has finished washing the hair. Once the hair is relatively dryer, you can opt for a leave-in conditioner to help de-tangle and add that extra lustre and sheen to the body of your hair. There are many variants available in the market, from the rich creamy ones to the silicon-based varieties that are light and velvety in texture. Leave-ins or serums primarily help in taming unruly, curly or highly frizzy hair. You can also use them to get that extra smoothness, shine and to bind together the outer body of the hair strands. Leave-ins are desirable for those with extremely thick, heavy or unmanageable hair whereas serums are relatively inexpensive and light, apt for short to mid-length hair.

Be sure to ask your professional stylist for a proper recommendation. Integrity hair care is a high performing haircare line with coverage for all hair types.