So here are my top tips to finding a hairdresser to suit you.

This can sometime be the most traumatic selection! Who should you trust? How do you find someone who will do your hair, just how you like it? What if they do a botch job and you have to live with bad hair for weeks??


  1. Work out what you want

There are a huge range of hairdressing salons out there. It all depends on your budget, the look you are going for and how close by you need them to be. Working out what you want first up is pretty important. If your looking for a trim every 6-8 weeks a walk-in or appointment based salon might be perfect. If you like an “experience”, a little more TLC, professionally trained hairdressers, beautiful surrounds like the bustle of the salon meeting other people and the comradery then you will like  Reflections of You Salons/W Salon. We have an open atmosphere where guest are free to visit and share with other guest. We look forward to meeting you.


  1. Check out the Salon

Chances are they are a few salons in your local area. Why not go for a wander past each one and check them out? Ask yourself a few questions:

Is the salon generally clean ? A dirty salon does not give the confidence that they will pay attention to the little details when doing your hair.

Do the staff take pride in their appearance? Chances are if they care how they look they’ll care about how you look.

Does the salon look relatively modern? This is certainly not the most important aspect but it may give you a clue that they like to keep up with other things.

Does the salon have a good vibe or culture? Happy employees do a good job.


  1. Are they willing to talk?

I don’t mean will they tell you their life gossip while you are trying to read the latest fashion glossy while they blow-dry your hair…I mean, are they willing to give you a consultation about your hair before they touch a strand on your head?   (Our Consultation is Amazing for our guest)


This should take into account what you are looking for and also what they recommend depending on your hair type, face shape and lifestyle. Are they willing to talk about the various options including the price, so you don’t get a shock at the register? Hairdressing is a people profession and the relationship they build with you is as important as the hair they do.


  1. Do they keep you waiting?

Ever been to the salon, excited about getting your hair done, and looking and feeling great? Of course. Ever been to the salon and had to wait? And wait. Now sometimes things go wrong, staff get sick and the wheels can fall off, the same as any business but it’s how you get treated when this happens that makes the difference. If you have arrived on time for your appointment and not been acknowledged or had to wait for 30 mins or more, perhaps they don’t deserve your service?

Once you are happy with all these tips, take the plunge and give the new hairdresser a go!

We would love to earn your business Please consider a Complimentary consultation today. 

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