Deciding on a new hair color can be frustrating.
However, no matter your hairstyle, adding a little color to your hair could be the change you need to give you a fresh new look.
Question is – what hair color will best suit your skin color and tone? Here are some tips to help find the perfect color for you.

What type of skin tone do you have? 

• If you can see your veins at your wrists, check what color they are– if they are blue your undertone is cool, if they are green your undertone is warm, and if they are somewhere in between, your undertone is neutral.

• If you have olive skin you suit darker hair colors. If you are looking for a more natural look, avoid hair colors that are lighter than your skin tone.

• If you have pink skin, avoid shades of warm reds or golden blondes. Stick to ash tones to neutralize your coloring.

• Pale skin suits nearly any hair color (lucky you), though this does not necessarily mean it will be flattering. Use your eye color to help determine the most flattering color for you.

• Bright, striking hair colors particularly flatter dark skin tones, but softer shades could make you look washed-out.

• If your skin color is extremely pale then don’t go for black or very dark hair because it can make you appear paler (unless that’s the effect you’re after!). Dark colors can also be ageing on very pale skin.

• If you have yellow hues to your skin, be careful with yellow, gold or orange tones. Deep reds and dark browns will often look fantastic on you.

If you are still a little perplexed by choosing the right hair color but would really like to take the plunge, then you can book a Consultation with one of our color specialist. One of our Color specialist will go through the options available to you and help you decide on the perfect color for you.
For more on hair color services in Northern Va., Call or book online a consult today. or 703.591.5306 Reflections of You Salons Your Hair Color Experts!

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