Tools + Techniques = Results
This low-slung pony with a twist from the Leanne Marshall show at NYFW was made possible by a tried-and-true formula for success: Tools + techniques = results. And it’s not just reserved for stylists. Guests need the same equation to recreate their salon look at home—and it’s your job to teach it to them.
Here’s a quick breakdown of why:
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All hair is three things—length, density, and texture. Behind the chair, I can control two of the three. With every cut, I work with length and density to create the perfect hair cut for my guest. Texture, however, is out of my control. That is something only the guest can control at home.
If the guest loves her texture when she leaves the salon but uses the wrong products, tools, and techniques at home, she will be frustrated when she can’t recreate the look and texture she loved.
Even though I can only control length and density behind the chair, I can help the guest control their texture by educating them while they’re in my chair.
Tools + techniques = results. It’s just that simple. It’s just that essential.
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