Cool Platinum Blonde Hair Colors

Look cool this fall, perhaps ice white blonde hair color at Reflections of You Salons. The hair color experts at of Northern Va. we will advise you on the best way to achieve the perfect clean white blonde shade.

If you already have a light hair color then it will not take as long to achieve a cool ashy tone, as when you are changing your brunette hair color to blonde. During your detailed hair color consultation, we can explain the process.

Warm Blonde Hair Colors

If you are looking for a beautiful blonde hair color that will turn heads then opt for a strawberry blonde shade or warm golden blonde color. These top trending colors will instantly give you stylish summer locks and look great on short, medium and long length hair.

Caramel Hair Colors for Brunettes

If you have brown hair color and want a few lighter streaks to give your locks a sun kissed look for summer, try adding caramel or honey tones. The best way to achieve this is by highlights, you can achieve this look with partial highlights, or  full highlights which will give you a brighter, lighter look.

Balayage Hair Colors

Balayage is a very popular hair coloring technique at our Fairfax and Burke locations. It allows our expert colorists to tailor a trendy look for you. This offers low maintenance hair coloring techniques used give your roots a darker color gradually blending to a lighter color towards the ends.

Vibrant, bright fashion colored balayage hair colors are also a trend. So, if you are feeling adventurous why not try a purple, blue or copper red this Fall ?

Beautiful Pastel Hair Colors

The latest pastel hair colors can give you a range of looks from pretty pinks and lilacs to vibrant fashion colors such as blues and purples. Pastel tones can be added to the hair in highlights for a pop of color or if you are feeling adventurous have an all over hair color instead


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