Heather Plum - Owner and Hairstylist

"My loyalty to ROY is undeniable. First, and foremost, let me be very clear. I have high expectations about my hair color. Whether I am going for highlights, or what I refer to as my "Jennifer Aniston" blonde stage...
or a fun, shorter hair style...

or back to my brunette roots,

they do a great job at making my hair look healthy and fabulous.

ROY is the epitome of VIP treatment without the Pretentious BS. How? Whether you are a first time customer, or a loyal client, such as myself. A stylist will sit down with you for a personal consultation. What is more, they write down the things that are important to you. If you need them to, they also offer guidance in hair color, corrective color, and hairstyles that will work best for you. As if that were not enough, in the winter or colder months, they ask to take your coat...Any season they offer you a drink: coffee, wine, water? What's even more fabulous, you do not have to be dressed to the nines to get this type of treatment at ROY.

I simply love going to ROY and I am banking on the fact that you will too, if you give them a try! If you decide to go, please be sure to say that you heard about them from

I have been going to Reflections of You Salon and Spa for about nine months now, and I love it!!! I moved to the area and I was very hesitant to try a new salon. The staff of ROY Salon made me feel very welcome and the salon is EXTREMELY clean, which is sometimes hard to find. They offer me a drink and some kind of dessert every time I go. I never feel out of place there! The environment is very relaxing and welcoming. Their shampoo chairs are amazing. They recline and massage!!!

I see a variety of stylists there, because I like the different points of views from different stylists. All of the people that have cut and colored my hair have done an amazing job, and for that I am very, very happy!!!

I also know that the stylists go to several styling and trend classes throughout the year, which is awesome. They are on top of the trends!!! Yaya!!! I love Reflections of You Salon and Spa.
Julia M.

I was long overdue for a haircut and desperate for a qualified stylist who actually understands what I want. I was able to secure an appointment with Heather as she was kind enough to squeeze me in at the end of her day. She was very gracious and surprisingly energetic for someone who had been on her feet all day. She listened carefully to what I wanted and then made a few suggestions based on the condition of my hair. The final result was better than I had hoped for and a wonderful experience all around. Everyone I had contact with was professional and personable. The whole time I was there I had no doubt that my satisfaction was their top priority and sadly these days that isn't common. I don't get my hair cut often enough but the next time I'm ready it will be with Heather. Thanks to all the staff that helped to make my visit so enjoyable.
Rita P.

When I want the best, I go to the best. The ambiance and service at Reflections Fairfax is top notch. It's more than a hairdo... it's an experience. From the massaging at the sink to the brushing of my hair, I leave loving the new reflections of me!
Stacy Gurdon

I have followed Heather and her team to ROY and Heather (specifically) for a number of years.Cathie Murensky She has truly mastered the art of color that is natural and flattering to my skin tone, time of year and texture of my hair. I am rarely concerned about how it will turn out and trust her judgment about what will work for "me". I am not one who is prone to make extreme changes and she is sensitive to that, often making recommendations for subtle shifts that help me keep my hair in the most healthy condition and in a style that works for my personality and career. She is also a wonderful teacher; continuously educating her clients on new products and approaches that surface in the industry that we can use ourselves.
Cathie Murensky

Prior to finding Heather and Reflections of You Fairfax, I usually felt quite a bit of trepidation before any hair appointment. In the past, I was never certain that my needs were of importance to the person wielding the scissors behind my head. I heard rumors about stylists who were good at their jobs and actually listened to their customers, but did not believe them to be true. My visits to Reflections of You Fairfax have really opened my eyes to how pleasant the salon experience can be. I am never worried when I take a seat in Heather's chair as I am sure that all of my questions and concerns will be professionally addressed. Every member of the staff is courteous and kind, the environment is relaxing, and the products used are excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend the salon to a friend.
Erika R.

Until I found Heather at Reflections of You Fairfax, I went to a different salon every time I needed a hair cut or color. I could never find anyone that could understand what I wanted.......it was exhausting. When I met Heather and her staff, I could tell that I was going to have a different experience. They immediately made me feel welcome and at home. Heather actually explained to me some issues with my hair and gave me suggestions of possibilities to consider. I have never been more satisfied because for the first time, my hair is manageable and easy to style. That is exactly what I have been looking for!
Thanks Heather Norma Dunwoody

I have been with Heather since before ROY. Her demeanor is professional and she is one of the best hairdressers I have been to. Prior to Heather I had moved from one salon to another every few years. In addition to being professional, she is also lighthearted and fun. Her salon is very comfortable, attractive and relaxing and the people who work with her are top quality.

I'm a new customer and I'm thrilled to have been referred to ROY, especially, Heather. She has extensive knowledge on all hair types. I am so pleased with my new hairstyle. She is customer sensitive, a good listener, provides constructive suggestions, and knows what she's doing! I wish you continued great success. Heather you're the best!

Katelynn Warren - Manager & Hairstylist

I want to thank Katelyn for doing an amazing job with my hair. I have naturally curly/frizzy hair. Katelynn was excited for me to try the Brazilian Blowout. I have tried other straightening techniques with fair results so I honestly wasn't expecting much. I am blown away by how great my hair looks. It has been over 16 weeks, through the heat and humidity of summer, and my hair still looks wonderful.

Aside from walking out with a great style, I thoroughly enjoyed the time with Katelynn. She was a delight to work with and went above and beyond helping me find products and showing me techniques to help me keep my hair looking great as long as possible. Her outgoing and genuinely kind personality helped make the process fly by. I cannot wait to work with Katelynn again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Amy G.

Katelynn is hands down the best stylist that I have ever had. She listens to what I want from my cut or color and has the skills to make it happen. She helped me restore my "natural" blonde color while adding the most beautiful highlights. I don't understand all the art and chemistry behind it, but thankfully she does. Even my husband noticed the shimmer and depth (his word) that she added to my hair. She has a great personality and is extremely thoughtful. What a gem! The products are great too. I really hope this studio thrives.
Sandi B. (8/2012)

If you are searching for an amazing stylist/colorist, get in touch with Katelynn. She knows color like no other. She is a great stylist as well. I have never been happier with my cut and color. I completely trust her instincts and go with them. If you are searching for a wonderful stylist/colorist, see Katelynn you will not be disappointed!
Carol Leigh G.

Katelynn from the Fair Lakes location cuts my hair and I'm absolutely thrilled with my experience. I'm the type of guy that typically settles for a buzz cut from my girlfriend, but finally taking the time to walk into a salon and have someone do it professionally is the ideal situation now. After getting my first hair cut from her, I plan to go back every month from now on. Not only did she give me some great pointers on how to style it (which I have NO clue where to start!) but the experience you get from the moment you walk in the salon is hands down the best. As a small business owner I know how important it is to be A) GREAT at what you do B) and be GREAT at all the small stuff. This includes the first contact at the front desk until the time you walk out the door. Nothing beats having a great haircut AND great experience. Thanks Katelynn!

Anita Ramos-Zaatar - Hairstylist & Esthetician

Had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago by Anita and returned today to get some corrective coloring. She is fabulous!!! She turned my dry, frizzy over colored hair into soft, beautiful curls. This is the first stylist I've met that didn't insist on working against the curls, but made them look great. Thanks Anita, you are wonderful!
Maria C. (10/2012)

Dear Anita, Thanks a lot for the up-do you performed on my hair on July 30th. Many people have said they loved it. I appreciate the artistic talent you demonstrated and the work you put in. I felt confident during the ceremony, and party as well.
Many Thanks, Ngocdiep T.

The best cut, style & color I have ever had for my very curly hair. Anita shaped my hair beautifully to frame my face, she left some length, and cut my hair in a way that made it very manageable. Also, the color was the most flattering I've ever had. Anita didn't try to persuade me to have my hair combed out in a way that would straighten it. I left with my curls looking shiny & beautiful. Also the massaging chairs you sit in when you are having your hair washed are incredibly relaxing. The salon is very low-key & professional.

I want to commend Anita Zaatar on the wonderful person she is. My sister had a debilitating stroke and she was so kind and patient with her. She did an excellent job on her hair and made her feel so good about herself, that my sister applied makeup with her one good hand. You are very fortunate to have Anita on staff.
Sherry Berks

Before discovering Anita, I couldn't find anyone who could get my hair color and style right. My hair is naturally curly & is turning a drab shade of gray. Anita immediately got my hair color right. Its now a shade that brightens up my face, and the cut is great & easy to maintain between visits.

Anita was giving free cuts at Celebrate Fairfax. How lucky I was! She's talented with color and style and I always enjoy talking with her. I have spent large portions of my life with bad haircuts but she made my day! I've been with her now for many years and have never had a bad cut. GO!
Sarah (10/12/2011)

DJ Garrett Whether it is for a cut, color or facial, the shop appears to be on the cutting edge of technology, new products and styles. Look at the wall of honor - showing all of the awards and citations in fashion and hair magazines!! Even if my hair is shoulder or below the ear in length, if I choose to change my style - it is done with interest and super consultation and done beautifully.

I have sent countless friends and neighbors to the shop to get "treated" and each one has enjoyed the experience and become permanent clients. I am a ROY fan. Sincerely, DJ Garrett

Amanda Jones - Hairstylist

Karen Scarborough (11/2013)

I had a wonderful time getting my hair cut- Amanda was fantastic and I absolutely loved the chairs too for when your hair is getting shampooed (they recline & give you a massage). For such a wonderful service, the price was also decently affordable (even for college students like myself!)
Katherynn Barlow (4/2013)

Amanda did a great new cut and highlight on me and it is so cute. She has a very good eye for the right color choices and makes suggestions for changing up your look to stay modern and young looking :)
Lynne Jones (5/2013)

I had my first experience with ROY Salon yesterday. We moved to the area last August and it is alway hard to find a new hair salon that you feel comfortable going to. I went to another salon in Fairfax (highly rated) but left disappointed with the cost and service provided. So, I got online and found ROY Salon and thought I would give it a try.

Making my appointment was easy. I got in very quickly for a cut, color and eyebrow wax. Amanda was my stylist and she did a fantastic job! I can honestly say I got the best cut and color I have had in a very long time : ) She recommended a couple of products to help me manage my very fine/thin hair and they actually work!

I was very pleased with my experience at ROY Salon. The only thing missing was a really nice scalp massage with the shampoo. Most places I have gone in the past spent a few minutes massaging your scalp at the shampoo bowl (which is probably my favorite part of going to a salon). It's just a nice relaxing extra that makes the client feel well taken care of. But really the experience was great. I will be going back...I already have my next appointment scheduled.
Elizabeth C. (6/22/2012)

Absolutely LOVE this place. Best haircut EVER (I'm 27 with long thick waves of brown).

Made my first appointment at ROY and was treated like a VIP client as soon as I walked in. While I sipped iced tea out of a wine glass, Amanda sat down with me for a free consultation about my hair likes/dislikes/characteristics, etc., so that she could better understand what I was looking for. 2 hours later, I walked out with new semi-permanent color (Color Gloss), a few more layers in my mane, some Devacurl product, and a brand new outlook on life. Amanda explained in detail how the product would work with my hair and made me feel extremely comfortable and excited. A day later, I still look amazing.

I chose this salon based on the incredible reviews and am so thankful that I did. Amanda was fabulous, knowledgeable, professional, and fun. Prices are very reasonable for the expertise and atmosphere.

Although I live in Silver Spring, MD, I will definitely return to Fairfax for my next cut and color. And although I usually am not a proponent of peer pressure... DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
Dayna L. (10/5/2011)

Rebecca Church - Hairstylist

I had a horrible experience at another salon on Monday 5/27 and needed it fixed ASAP. I have naturally medium ash brown hair and originally went there for an ombré look but left with bright highlights on top, golden yellow ends, and brown underneath everything that you couldn't see. It was a novice attempt at ombré.

Thankfully, Reflections of You was able to fit me in as soon as I got off work Tuesday 5/28. Rebecca worked on my hair and it turned out FANTASTIC! Honestly, I could NOT have asked for a better experience. I'd never been to the salon before and don't have a reason to go anywhere else now. Rebecca was so sweet! I told her I was leaving my hair in her hands and she surpassed my expectations! I got there feeling frustrated and uncomfortable with my hair, but walked out feeling like a brand new person!

I cannot wait until I need to get a hair cut so I can let Rebecca do more magic to my hair and my ego.

Thank you so much!!
Nikki M. (5/2013)

Rebecca has been cutting my hair for quite a while now. She is an extremely talented stylist and clearly prides herself on her professionalism and attention to detail. I am always warmly greeted followed by a thorough consultation about my expectations, every time I am in the chair (you don't really get that everywhere...). Though we are in the process of growing my hair for a future (soon I hope!) donation and doing simple trims, she takes time with me to make sure that I am satisfied with the results and that I am able to donate the healthiest that my hair can be. She doesn't simply rush through this 'easy' job, she is conscientious of being thorough and takes her job seriously.

Her enthusiasm for her craft has me excited to see what ideas we'll come up with when it is finally time to make the big cut!
Angela C. (1/2015)

Bea Borris - Hairstylist

I recently went to Reflections of you at East Market for the first time after being referred by a friend. I saw Bea, as that was who my friend saw and referred me to. I had the best experience that I have had in a salon in a LONG time! Bea was amazing and I loved the extra time she took to do the interview with me. From the time I walked in to the time I walked out I really felt valued. Thank you for letting me have such a great experience as well as a GREAT haircut!
Patty J. (11/2013)

My stylist, Bea Borris, blows me away every time she cuts and highlights my hair. She does the EXACT way I had pictured in my head that I imagined I would look. Currently, she is helping me plan my hair for my wedding and I trust her completely. She's thought of everything plus ways I didn't think I could do with my medium-length hair. I've been going to her for several years now and I can be fickle when it comes to stylist. I wouldn't go anywhere else! I also love ROY Salon and their staff. They are always welcoming and helpful. The setup is new and relaxing. I love this salon and recommend them to all my friends!
Kelly B.

My entire family (husband + 2 adult children) all go to this salon! Bea is amazing; she highlights and styles my daughter's hair to her specifications, she texturizes my husband's and son's very thick unruly hair so that they look very stylish with very little upkeep, and she keeps my white, wiry, thick hair tamed and stylish so that I don't look like an old witch. The salon is clean and well maintained and all of the staff is very friendly.
Laurel C.

Sophia Rahmani - Hairstylist

I came on yelp to find a GOOD salon. Instead I found a GREAT salon and an extremely knowledgeable stylist/colorist...Sophia. She is such a warm, welcoming stylist. I am from Wisconsin and so wanted to bring her home with me. I was a mess, I looked like I gave up. She brought me back to life, I love my color and the cut. She sat down next to me and discussed my wants. I am used to looking into the mirror and explaining what I would like. All I could really say is my fiance likes reds. She looked at me and provided a natural look but sexy at the same time. No longer washed out and tired. I would give this salon more than a chance. Everyone who walked out looked wonderful. All the stylists were friendly. I was told Wednesdays are the slower days. So call them up and book a time. If I am lucky enough to come back to this area, I am stopping in. Thank you Sophia.
Amy J. (11/6/2013)

I use stylist Sophia, who is fantastic! I get so many compliments from complete strangers on my hair after Sophia cuts and colors it. The one thing I love is that she understands when you want to keep your hair long and will not chop if off when you need a trim! My hair always comes out looking great and the color is rich and beautiful!
Lisa D.

Tisa Robbins - Hairstylist

I have been going to ROY and Tisa for a few years now and I absolutely LOVE her!! What I really like about her and her technique is that each time I get a hair cut/color, she cuts it a bit differently and the outcome is always funky and cool....rock starish quality and that is what I am going for! Another thing I have to say about Tisa is that she can work with what I am asking of her. I often have grand ideas for my hair...sometimes unrealistic, but Tisa listens, takes her time, puts her art into it, and always comes up with a solution that fits my personality and my look. She works magic and I think she must be telepathic in this way!! Additionally, she has great color-vision and foresight. Her advice has always been sound and she has been honest and up front with me every time. These are a few reasons why I keep going to her and to the salon.
Danyele M. (3/4/2011)